The Effect of Blue Increases in Living Areas

In recent years, our homes become areas where we feel the safest. The Uderlone collection was designed with blue which is one of the colors of the homecoming trend and color of collection represents the distance from the chaos and noise of the city. Collection products with their special fragrance composition make us comfortable and peaceful in our home.

Mystic and fascinating…

İç ve dış dekorasyon tercihlerine uygun olarak tasarlanan, koleksiyonumuzun ürünleri koku ve tasarımları ile yaşam alanlarını zenginleştiriyor.

The Nobility of Marble Moves to Places

Candles which are designed with one of the most preferred colors of every period in decoration will be your indispensable accessory. Blue candles of Marble Collection will add aesthetics to the homes and offices.

Peaceful places away from the chaos of daily life

With its citrusy breeze, warm Mediterranean spirit embraces elegance of rose and jasmin and the whole encounter turns into an emotional experience touching your soul. Enriched by the presence of woody notes, the composition leaves a comforting and reassuring feeling behind. The fragrance invites you to enjoy a moment of serenity. It opens with a sparkling top note of orange and bergamot. Rose and jasmine bring limpidity to the middle note. The rich and sensuous end note is essentially composed of patchouli and vetiver.

Timeless aesthetics ...

Victoria model challenges time with its different forms. Model combines the energy of blue color with flashy details. Dynamically designed candles enrich living spaces in interior and exterior decoration preferences.

Our products designed with a special fragrance composition will keep you away from the chaos of city life. It will refresh and rest you in your living spaces. Our products will change the atmosphere of your living spaces with color choices and forms suitable for modern decoration ideas.
Our glass candles designed with blue which is one of the most preferred colors of the new season. It adds splendor to the environments with its flower detailed handle nuances. Our candles which are decorated with handcrafted glass and golden details will fascinate your guests with their scent.