Luxury touch to living spaces ..

Products of Shahmeraf collection which are specially designedfor our brand will increase the splendor of your home. Candles of our collection will create stylish and romantic spaces in your home thanks to their different and special designs. Products of collection which make a difference in decoration are with you in your most special and romantic moments with their fragrance composition that will stimulate your feelings. You can create ambiances that will make you feel special with the candles of our collection.

Stylish and Luxury Candles

İç mekânlarda kullanılabilen mermer desenli dekoratif mumlar ile yaşam alanlarınız yeniden doğuyor. Koleksiyon mumlarınız, tercih ederek sizde dekorasyonda yeniliğin öncüsü olun…

Shahmeraf adds elegance to living areas with its splendor

Dedicated to union of unique saffron and mighty sandalwood this mesmerizing scent leaves passionate and intense feelings behind. While blinking on the glamorous side of life, it excites curiosity with its sophisticated nature.  Transport your senses to a mesmerizing world with Shahmeraf that creates a beautifully scented, warm and welcoming atmosphere. Absolutely elegant alternative scent to enhance the atmosphere of your living space. The top notes are saffron and nutmeg. Jasmine, rose, sandalwood and agarwood constitute the heart. Woody-musky base is provided by patchouli, Gurjun balsam and white musk.

​​​​​​​You will feel the luxury and noble interpretation of the golden color in the living spaces with the design of our fragrance products. Our fragrance products create inviting ambiances in living areas with their designs and fragrance compositions. You will feel Saffron in the opening note and it continues with rose, sandalwood and it has oud in middle notes. White musk and patchouli play the important roles in the base note. Our fragrance products will enchant your guests with air freshener, room fragrance, cologne and candle products ...
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