Candles are one of the accessories that reflect your personality and tastes the most in your home and office. In addition to being decorative, they are the object that stimulates your emotions with their scents. We enable you to activate your feelings about love and affection with our Moriella collection. The Moriella collection shares moments of happiness thanks to its powder pink color selection and fragrance composition.

Beyond the Boundaries

The Elegance of Marble Meets with Pink Color

Our marble pattern candles which hand workmanship turned into art were reinterpreted with the most beautiful shade of pink color. Everybody can make a stylish touch to their living spaces by choosing candles which are square forms.

Love redefined with flowers in collection

A romantic adventure that makes you feel the first signs of love and its innocence. An affectionate encounter of vanilla and lilac. Emotional, soft and an angelic touch with its peaceful rhythm. Breathe in the unique springtime scents and impress guests with a garden of awesome flowers. Create a welcoming atmosphere at your home with this elegant fragrance experience. The fragrance opens with green notes. The middle note consists of lilac. The fragrance is closed by vanilla and musk.

Modern, elegant and stylish ...

Elegant stance of Marble Exclusive collection comes to homes or offices with its modern pink color. Marble pattern candles allow people to create energetic and stylish ambiances with their pink color.

Perfect Splendor ...

The flawless splendor is created by pink and hand-painted gold details came to life in our glass candles. The collection which consists of original and unique candles provides opportunities for those who want to create an ambitious space in home and office design.

Silver color is one of the most preferred colors of decoration in the new season and it returns to every decorated area with different details. Regnum collection will add a stylish atmosphere to your living spaces with its elegant and flawless appearance.
The candles of our Gloria Super Star collection present the positive effect of candlelight in living spaces with their creative forms. It provides opportunities for those who want to create a perfect and magnificent decoration style. Our candles will increase the splendor of your living spaces with the floral patterned metal cover detail and the fragrance composition that triggers your emotions.