Colors of the Year are in Your Home!

With the effect of changing design trends, color change started in the design of decoration products. In the new decoration trends where different colors come forefront new styles are created with special colors that show themselves. Majestic Flower collection candles are ready to play the leading role in your home decoration thanks to their popular color choices. Majestic Flower collection will take you to flower gardens with its special fragrance composition.

Majestic Flower Koleksiyonu

Unusual Colorful Details…

Yellow which is the indispensable choice of those who want to create colorful combinations from fashion to decoration comes to living areas with the Majestic Flower collection. Everybody can choose candles which have marble patterns and energy of the yellow color for the most beautiful areas of living areas from the collection

We turn your living spaces into a flower garden ...

A chilly morning in an orchard. With the healing touch of ginger flower, a tribute to the limitless potential of nature. A truly transparent, lively and unexpected experience. Surround yourself with the heady, floral scent of ginger flower. The fruity green opening is provided by pineapple and green notes. The middle notes are muguet, jasmine and ginger flower. This aromatic composition is completed with rose and floral notes.

The Magic Touch of Yellow

The positive energy of the yellow color is coming to living spaces with the Gloria collection. Candles of collection which were designed with different forms will change the ambience of interiors with their floral scent. You will feel yourself in the peaceful corners of nature in the changing interior spaces.

Green and floral notes become effective in the fragrance composition of our Majestic Flower collection. The collection will take your mood from the stress of daily life to the worlds where flowers and greenery give happiness thanks to harmony of colors. Collection satifies all needs of living spaces with its air freshener, cologne and air freshener products.
The orange color which is popular in today's decoration trends stands out in living areas. Candles of Glass Collection allow you to make a difference in decoration with its hand-painted gold details and popular color. Candles will be the most stylish accessory of your home thanks to their unique fragrance combination.