Gold and silver details meet with the red color which is one of the bold color in decoration and these designs provide unique visual richness to the areas. The color of collection which symbolize the love and special fragrance compotision were combined and this combination create a perfect harmony in the living areas.

Extraordinary Journey in Living Areas

Objects which have natural textures and different colors come forefront in new season. Candles of collection are designed with square forms that are fashionable in decoration and designs bring the elegance of the marble pattern to your living spaces with red color

In a journey through the heart of the nature this fragrance symbolizes exploring the emblematic beauty of woods in many unconventional directions with sensual amber notes. Paying tribute to nature and its beauty, it appeals to all senses. The composition opens with jasmine, followed by the heart of amber and ends with mossy notes and cedarwood of the base. Warm and balanced.

Bacarat collection takes you on extraordinary journey in your living spaces with home fragrance products. Products will decorate living spaces with its remarkable color and intensive fragrance composition. Products of collection will satisfy all needs of living areas thanks to their variety. 
The candles of Gloria collection are specially designed for those who want to change borders in home decoration. Designer of the candle combined the hand-painted gold details and red color to redefine the boundaires of accessory usage in decoration.